About Us


About US

We are one-stop shop for modern, easy & fun pet's essentials. Our mission is quite simple: empowering pets and pet owners ensuring everything we sell starts with you in mind. Truly, nothing makes us happier than making you and your dog happy—and showing the world what a pet company can be. 18 months ago my family and I welcomed Agnes to our family and just like that she became such a huge part of our family.  Ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of Agnes is as important as ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of my children and finding the right products to ensure she has the best quality of life was of upmost importance to me.   It was at this point Waggattire was born, I know that we can find high quality manufacturers and source the best quality clothing and accessories and bring them together in one place. I want Waggattire to work with you the customer and move forward by taking on board your feedback and ideas. We are based in Huddersfield a small town in Yorkshire and I really want to work with local and UK based suppliers and most importantly support local businesses like myself. 

What Set Us Apart


We will work with local apparel and accessory manufacturers to develop items that are designed for longevity, sustainability, and practicality. 


Quality is our top priority. We only partner with the best factories around the uk to ensure every item meets premium standards. 


Our products are designed with our community in mind. We’re building the future pet company where everything we make starts with you.