A bit about me

A bit about me

So here goes.....I'm not a practiced blogger but thought I'd share with you why I decided to start Waggattire.  My name is Katie and I am a mum to two girls and a cocker spaniel called Agnus. I won't reveal my age but I have worked for the NHS for the past 20 years so I've been around a little while and gained many a life skill along the way.  I have enjoyed my career working for the NHS and have seen it evolve over time and what once was a job to be proud of it is now unfortunately no more than a means to an end.  I found myself to be in a limbo of working long days and nights each shift merging into the next and I'd wake in the morning not even sure what day it was!  It was at this point in my life I'd decided enough was enough and I couldn't spend the next 20 years following the same pattern.

During lockdown a bit like half the families in the world we welcomed a new addition to our family.  No not a lockdown baby like my kids had requested one evening in the hot tub ( another lockdown purchase) but a cocker spaniel puppy. 

A mean wow Agnus is just amazing, she doesn't do right much bar sleep and poop but she is literally the most loving little girl in the world.  And you know I do love my kids so much but they are at the age now where their phones and tablets are literally their best friends and I'm lucky if a get a glance up when I arrive home from work let alone a hug or a wag of the tail. 

So you're probably thinking she got a dog and set up a business , we'll yeah you wouldn't be far wrong.  I did get a dog and I did decide I wanted to run my own business but its only when Agnus came along and I started shopping for pet products that I noticed how large the pet industry and how much we actually spend on or pets.  Like every other dog mum or dad I want my little girl to have the best.  The best in food, the best in treats and the best quality in toys.   I'd spend ages in the pet store reading the labels on treats to check the ingredient's to make sure I was buying healthy and that the products I bought would improve her health and wellbeing.

It was at this point I had my light bulb moment....I was going to set up my own pet store selling healthy treats and food and the best quality toys and accessories.  I was going to blog about and test new products, write reviews and share with you. I was going to work with local suppliers to get the best products and support fellow businesses.

I mean really it was going to be that easy, right?

No it most definitely hasn't been and it is very much a work in progress.  Posting and sharing and trying to build profiles across social media....it really is a minefield.  I've not even started on TikTok yet cos I need my kids to show me what to do ;)

I launched Waggattire 2 weeks ago, I made my first online order last week and wow I was so proud.  Its the little things and the amazing support I have received from you guys.  Please carry on giving me a like or a share cos it really does make a massive difference to us small business owners.

I love my new job but I will carry on supporting the NHS for a bit longer yet.

Katie :)


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